The speed and quality of your coding operations is important. But the way your coding systems integrate with the rest of your production operations cannot be overlooked. Domino ensures you get the best of both worlds: advanced coding abilities with seamless factory floor integration.

The technology available for adding codes to cans is highly advanced. Domino’s CIJ printers and F720i laser system can deliver high quality codes in harsh production environments at speeds of up to 600 m/min – even on challenging surfaces such as concave can bottoms. Late stage customisation is simple with the F720i, which can mark more than 60 characters per can at a line speed of 42,000 cans per hour (or 90,000 cans per hour with regular character lengths between 10 and 26).

These credentials are impressive. But advanced coding abilities aren’t worth much unless the coding systems integrate properly with your production line. Seamless integration is where the real value lies. Small machine footprints, mobility and ease of operation are key considerations. But just as important is the ability for coding systems to integrate – at the software level – with the rest of your factory floor and production operations.

Introducing QuickDesign: smart software to unite your factory floor

Domino’s coding equipment for canning lines comes with QuickDesign: the brains behind our coding strength. It provides industry leading OEM integration and acts as a central control point for message design and changeover. With QuickDesign you integrate your coding and marking equipment with manufacturing execution systems (MES), central databases and enterprise resource planning systems to manage product label templates away from the production line. Automation is simplified with single button start up and the control you gain over your production is unparalleled.

Think of QuickDesign as a very smart glue that unites your factory floor and holds your production operations together.

Less human error, less downtime

With QuickDesign you always print the right code – no matter how complex your production environment. The right data is matched to the right label template for the product, and PC software ensures labels are designed correctly and by authorised personnel.

Taking a centralised approach to label management removes the risk of human error arising from operators entering coding information directly onto machines. That means increased data consistency through primary, secondary and tertiary packaging. Last-minute changes? You can update your templates without stopping production – minimising downtime, maximising productivity and speeding up job changeovers.

Seamless quality control with Serial Conditional Printing

For top manufacturers, quality control is business-critical. That’s why we invented Serial Conditional Printing for leading beverage OEMs. It manages shift register values and sends data to the coding equipment to be printed on each can when it arrives in front of the coder. This forces coders to accept only real-time data that has been prepared by the host equipment. With this technology in place your traceability becomes granular. Coding errors are reduced and you can rapidly pinpoint any areas of the production line where your systems are at fault.

Fully compliant with the Weihenstephan Standard

Weihenstephan Standard (WS) defines a universal communication interface for integrating machines such as our printers and production systems such as manufacturing execution systems (MES).

QuickDesign WS is a specially designed automation module that provides a WS-compliant interface between Domino’s coders and your other factory equipment. This guarantees a consistent transfer of data between your factory floor systems – whether it’s for efficiency analysis, track and trace or quality control.


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