BGC is a Western Australia based group of companies covering a wide range of portfolios including: construction, manufacturing, mining, and property management.

A family owned company, BGC has grown and diversified from modest beginnings as a property development company in the 1960’s to one of Australia’s top ten privately owned companies.

To successfully administer such a diverse portfolio, BGC relies heavily on its ability to brand its products and ensure they are all marked with the correct product information. The BGC Plasterboard division, in particular, relies on printing to correctly mark their product both with branding and variable data. This variable data is typically product specific codes that inform builders of the correct placement and use of the plasterboard.

What was the Problem?

BGC’s existing system was not keeping up with their growing business. They had to maintain two separate systems, one to print the branding and the other for the variable data, and the printer message had to be manually changed every time there was a product change. BGC recognised that to maintain the quality that was synonymous with their brand, they needed to bring about change.

As the printing experts, printDATA were well placed to help BGC design a solution so their printing could keep pace with their business needs.

Providing the Solution

Firstly, printDATA assessed BGC’s requirements. This enabled printDATA to build a picture of what BGC was working with and what they would need. The solution always starts with the client, not just with the most expensive piece of technology.

In this case, printDATA worked out they could improve BGC’s plasterboard printing capacity by doubling the existing printer heads from 4 to 8.

These 8 printer heads would have two controllers integrated into one main control system, giving BGC the ability to print variable messaging and branding onto their plasterboard.

Efficiency was also a focus for printDATA. To overcome the downtime that was required when switching products, they deployed Domino Quick Design. This is a piece of software that integrates with their production system and updates all 8 printer heads automatically when needed, saving BGC time and making their printing more efficient.

How was it implemented?

As important as getting a new system up-and-running correctly is, downtime must still be avoided as much as possible. In this instance, printDATA brought in one of their specialist engineers from Melbourne to implement the solution. The printDATA team also worked very closely with BGC’s software engineers, who assisted in integrating the printing solution with the main control system.

This combination of expertise meant that the solution was implemented and tested to satisfaction with very little down time.

Outcomes & Benefits

BGC was very happy with the increased printer efficiency and accuracy. The reduction in manual handling of printer heads significantly reduced errors and they have experienced an overall improvement in printing accuracy.

A happy side benefit of using these newer printer heads, is that they track consumable usage and notify BGC staff when levels are getting low. This enables them to quickly replace ink and not slow the production process.

PrintDATA have ongoing support with BGC, providing maintenance, expertise and account support so that BGC can get their product printed to their quality standards.

When you want your business printing to take the next step in efficiency and accuracy, contact the experts at printDATA on 08 9361 6777.

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